Jefferson Township - Dauphin County, PA
Summary List of Ordinances and Their Statuses - July 22, 2013

J-110 1985 Compensation of Supervisors
J-112 1995 Cable TV
J-113 2006 Sewage Required For All Lots
J-114 Repeal 11310 Acre Rule
J-115 Planning Commission
J-117 2006 Stormwater - Superceeded
J-118 UCC
J-119 2007 Number Of Members Planning Comm
J-120 Joint UCC Appeals Board
J-121 2008 Assessment Permit
J-122 2008 Multi Municipal Planning
J-123 2008 Regional Comprehensive Plan
J-124 2010 Stormwater
J-125 2011 Holding Tank
J-126 2011 Privy
J-127 2012 Floodplain
J-128 Stormwater Management Amendment Ordinance
Appendix to J-128 Small Projects