Jefferson Township - Dauphin County, PA

Building Permits
For information on building permit requirements contact Light-Heigel & Associates, Inc. who are Jefferson Township's Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Building Code Officials and Tax Assessment Permit Officers.

Light-Heigel & Associates, Inc.
930 Red Rose Court, Suite 103
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone 717.892.7002 Fax 717.892.7020

Local Tax Assessment Permits are required within Jefferson Township for any construction larger than 100 square feet regardless of whether a UCC permit is required or not. The Township enforces Federal Floodplain regulations. Please include the proposed building's setback from waterways with your local permit application. (Note that to complete your UCC building permit application, you will also need a local Tax Assessment Permit.)  To apply for a Tax Assessment Permit, please complete the following documents:
Tax Assessment Permit Application    .pdf
Workmens Comp Form                     .doc   .pdf
Small Projects Operation and Maintenance Plan

*The .doc link above is for Microsoft Word.  The .pdf link above can be opened and printed using Adobe's Free PDF Reader (
Submit the above applications to Light-Heigel at the address above, along with a check for the amount shown on the Application and made payable to: Jefferson Township